It all started when...

Megan Sooley was born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Although her home city  is known for its small town vibe, Megan's keen eye for art and design was anything but.

As a child, Megan excelled in drawing, painting and designing clothing.  She used her hands to express her creativity and soon realized it was her passion. She started making her own clothes and became aware that it was more then just a hobby.

After high school Megan moved to Montreal, Quebec where she attended LaSalle College to study fashion design. The knowledge that was attained through school helped her to map her creativity into reality.

After graduating Megan spent some time in Europe and returned back to Newfoundland. This is when and where she created Sooley Designs. What started in a room in her mothers house is now the most sought after womenswear in NL.